A total of 15 credit hours, comprised of four required courses and 6 credit hours of electives, are necessary to successfully complete the program. The following courses are required:

HORT 3300 OR HORT 3300E Organic Gardening
(3 hours)
History and principles of organic production and issues of sustainability in growing horticultural crops, with an emphasis on science-based practices. Students will participate in experiential and service-learning gardening activities outside of class.

Offered fall and spring semester every year.  Also offered online.

Students with the equivalent of HORT 3300 should contact Doug Bailey ( to obtain information on waiving the requirement.

HORT(CRSS)(ENTO)(PATH) 4125/6125 Organic Agricultural Systems
(4 hours)
Prerequisite HORT 3300
Philosophy, policies, and practices related to organic agriculture, including the history and development of organic agriculture, current USDA National Organic Program standards, fundamental crop management techniques (horticultural focus), and the organic market. Practical experiences, such as growing crops and sampling methods, are integrated with lecture material.

Offered spring every semester.

AESC 4095 Undergraduate Research in Organic Agriculture
(1-3 hours)
This course is the capstone experience to the program, where students design and execute projects with the help of a faculty member with expertise in the student’s area of interest.


AESC 4950 Organic Agriculture Internship
(1-3 hours)

This course is the capstone experience to the program, where students work on an organic farm, and learn organic procedures, production, certification, maintenance, and business management.
Download the Internship Form (pdf)

HORT4096 Organic Agriculture Seminar
(1 hour)
This is the final course in the program, where students hear industry speakers, discuss case studies, and present their internship experiences or research project results.

A tour of the Whole Foods
Distribution Center with Alex Rilko.

Select at least 6 hours of Electives from:

Further course information is available from the UGA Bulletin

Additional courses may be used as electives with approval of the CPOA Faculty Coordinator.