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Academic Courses in Organics and Food Systems

CRSS 4020/6020S – Social Sustainability in Ag & Food Systems (Spring)

FISH 4550/6550 Sustainable Aquaculture (Spring)

GEOG 4890/6890 – Athens Urban Food Collective (Spring)

HORT 3300E Organic Gardening- Online course. (F,S, Sum)

HORT 3920 UGArden Internship- Semester-long, in-person earning and training opportunity (F,S, Sum)

HORT 4030S/6030S Sustainable Community Food Production- Offered in spring semester as a hands-on course focusing on school, community and urban farming practices. (Spring)

HORT 4125/6125 Organic Agriculture Systems- Offered as a hands-on academic course in the Fall semester (Fall)

HORT 4920/6920 Organic Entrepreneurship- Offered Fall and Summer as a practical experience where students plan, grow and sell their produce at a pop-up farmer’s market (Sum, Fall)

For Non-Traditional Students

We get many requests from people who want to learn about organic gardening and farming, but they are not currently students at UGA. UGA has a process for accepted students who either want to obtain a degree or just take specific courses. These “non-traditional” students are often seeking training to become an organic grower or pursue a new career. If your goal is to become a farmer, it may be easier and less expensive to take courses at a local community or technical school, or take classes or workshops through your local county extension office. Your county agent can help you find opportunities in oyr area. there is also a statewide organization, Georgia Organics, that support organic farmers throughout the state. They offer classes, workshops and an annual conference.

Most of the courses are only taught in-person and are taught during the regular semesters and time periods. Most are only taught one specific semester, though a few are offered Fall, Spring and Summer.

For those that want a more formal educational experience, it is possible to come to campus for the fall semester and take a cluster of four of the primary organic courses. This would have to be prearranged, and if not currently a student in good standing, there are application deadlines that would have to be met.