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To fulfill the requirements of the Certificate, students must take eitherĀ AESC 4095 Undergraduate Research in Organic Agriculture (1-3 hours) OR AESC 4950 Organic Agriculture Internship (1-3 hours).

Credit for AESC 4950 Organic Agriculture Internship is received for working at a farm or related workplace. The hours credit varies, depending on the total hours worked. For 3 credit hours, student must work at least 150 hours over a 10-15 week period.

This course is the central to the Certificate program, where students work on an organic farm, and learn organic procedures, production, certification, maintenance, and business management.

Students are responsible for finding a suitable internship experience with assistance from the Certificate Coordinator. Work experience can be paid or unpaid, though we encourage students to find paid opportunities. In some cases, students elect to work unpaid internships if they are through study abroad or provide special training or experiences. Students can also take HORT 3920 UGArden Internship to fulfill this requirement if they are unable to incorporate a traditional work experience into their program of study. This is an unpaid, for-credit experience. Students often elect to take this course for Certificate elective credit and also work somewhere for the AESC 4950 requirement.

Once an internship experience is identified, students submit the CPOAInternshipAgreementForm to the Certificate Coordinator. A summary of the internship experience is presented in the required HORT4096 Organic Agriculture Seminar course, usually taken in the following semester.