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Research Project

To fulfill the requirements of the Certificate, students must take either AESC 4095 Undergraduate Research in Organic Agriculture (1-3 hours) OR AESC 4950 Organic Agriculture Internship (1-3 hours).

This course is valuable to Certificate students, especially those considering advanced graduate work. For AESC 4095 Undergraduate Research in Organic Agriculture, students design and execute projects with the help of a faculty member with expertise in the student’s area of interest. the number hours credit vary, depending on the depth of the project and time required. Students conducting a semester-long project, who present at the CAES or CURO Undergraduate Research events, receive 3 hours credit.

Students typically work with one of the Certificate Faculty prior to the start of the semester to develop a suitable research project. The research project proposal is submitted to the Certificate Coordinator and the project is completed during a normal fall, spring or summer session under the mentorship of the Certificate Faculty. Results and experiences are presented in the required HORT4096 Organic Agriculture Seminar course.